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Laboratory for Alzheimer's Disease Research (Refer as a Company) is regarding customer’s privacy as very important and following Network Communication and Information Protection Act. The Company is notifying how process is held to protect member’s privacy and how the information is used and with what purposes to customers via Privacy Notice. When the Company change its privacy notice, the company will notify via website notification (or individual notification). Section 1. List of Collecting Privacy Information

Section 1. List of Collecting Privacy Information

  • ① The company is collecting following privacy for registration, consultation and service application etc.
    • 1. Collecting Elements: Name, Date of Birth, Login ID, Password, Telephone number, Address, Mobile phone number, Email and Agreement of mail subscribe.
    • 2. Method of privacy collecting : Website (Registration in Website)

Section 2. Collecting and using purposes of Privacy Collecting

  • ① Company is utilizing collected privacy information for following purposes.
    • 1. Service Providing by the contract and fee calculation
    • 2. Identifying, Personal identification, Prevention of illegal usage of member and prevention of usage without approval, Confirmation of willing to registration, Identifying of age, Confirmation of agreement status of legal representative of minor less than 14 years old and privacy collection, Processing of Complaint, Notification.
    • 3. Utilize for Marketing and Advertisement
      New service (product) development and specialized event or advert information transferring, service provide and advert along the features of populational statistics and Gathering Statistics of access frequency and/or service usage.

Section3 Obtaining and Utilize period of Privacy

  • ① When the information is fulfilled collecting and using purpose of privacy, company will destroy the information without any exception.

Section 4. Process and Method of Privacy information Destroy

  • ① The company will destroy privacy information without delay after the information is fulfilled the collecting and using purposes. The process and method is as below:
    • 1. Destroy Process
      The information what a member entered at registration, after the purpose has been fulfilled, transferred to separate DB (in case of paper document, moving to separate document box) and destroyed after certain storing period along the related legislation for privacy protection. (Refer to Storing and Using period) The privacy information which is moved to separate DB is not used for other purpose but, storing. If there is legal issue, it would be used for the purpose only.
    • 2. Destroy Method
      The privacy information which is formed as electronic file, will be deleted by a technical methodology which cannot recover any records.

Section 5. Providing of Privacy Information

  • ① The company does not provide any privacy information to external parties. However, within following situations, it will be exception.
    • 1. User have agreed priory
    • 2. When there is a demand from investigative agency with legally regulated process and method for investigation purpose or which is related with legislation.

Section 6. Consignment of Collected Privacy

  • The company is consigning a management of privacy information tasks for more smooth task process of customer service management and request. Moreover, within consigning contract we regulate the follwing a privacy replated legislation, prohibiting of providing of privacy to third part and responsibility of accident. If consigned company is changed, the new company neme will be notified by notification or Privacy Notice screen.

Section 7. Right and Claim method of User and Legal representative

  • ① User and legal representative can view, update information of him or her and the minor under 14 years old and can request the de-registration.
  • ② For viewing and update the information of user or minor under 14 years old, they can process via update private information (or Update Member Information), or for de-registration, click the de-registration and precede the identifying process and can execute it. Otherwise, user may contact to administrator via written document, phonecall or e-mail and the company will precede as soon as received.
  • ③ When user request the correction of error in privacy information, the company does not use and provide privacy until the correction is completed. In addition, in case of what if the false privacy is already provided to third party, correction result will be notified the third party without any delay to make correction.
  • ④ De-registered or Deleted privacy information from user’s or legal representative’s request will be dealt along the description of containing and using period of privacy information and it will be not viewed or used for other purposes.

Section 8. Refusal of Installation and Operation of Automatic Privacy Collecting Equipment

  • ① Company does not operate automatic collecting equipment (such as cookie) at internet service usage.

Section 9. Service for Privacy Information

  • ① Company designate the privacy manager as follow to precede any complaint which is related with privacy information dealing. Privacy Information Manager:
    • Phone:
    • Email:
  • ② User may report to any elements of privacy information protection during service usage to related department or privacy information manager. Company will provide answers for reports recently and sufficiently. If there is any report or consultation about privacy breaching, please contact following institute.
    • 1. Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (privacy.kisa.or.kr/+82 1833-6972)
    • 2. Online Privacy Association (www.eprivacy.or.kr / +82-2-580-0533
    • 3, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office - Cybercrime Investigation Center (www.spp.go.kr / +82-2-3480-3573)
    • 4. Korea National Police Agency Cyber Bureau (www.netan.go.kr / +82-1566-0112)