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141 Microglia contributes to plaque growth by cell death due to uptake of amyloid β in the brain of Alzheimer's disease mouse model. Baik SH, Kang S, Son SM, Mook-Jung I. Glia. 2016 Dec;64(12):2274-2290. Link
140 Annexin A1 restores Aβ1-42 -induced blood-brain barrier disruption through the inhibition of RhoA-ROCK signaling pathway. Park JC, Baik SH, Han SH, Cho HJ, Choi H, Kim HJ, Choi H, Lee W, Kim DK, Mook-Jung I. Aging Cell. 2016 Sep 16. [Epub ahead of print] Link
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136 DMC (2',4'-dihydroxy-6'-methoxy-3',5'-dimethylchalcone) improves glucose tolerance as a potent AMPK activator. Choi JW, Kim M, Song H, Lee CS, Oh WK, Mook-Jung I., Chung SS, Park KS. Metabolism. 2016 Apr;65(4):533-42. Link
135 A quadrupolar two-photon fluorescent probe for in vivo imaging of amyloid-β plaques. Cheol Ho Heo, Avik Ranjan Sarkar, Sung Hoon Baik, Tae Sung Jung, Jeong Jin Kim, Hyuk Kang, Inhee Mook-Jung, Hwan Myung Kim. Chem Sci. 2016 Apr; 7:4600. Link
134 Metformin Facilitates Amyloid-β Generation by β- and γ-Secretases via Autophagy Activation. Min Son S, Shin HJ, Byun J, Young Kook S, Moon M, Chang YJ, Mook-Jung I.. J Alzheimers Dis. 2016 Feb 26;51(4):1197-208. Link
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132 Inhibition of Cholesterol Biosynthesis Reduces γ-Secretase Activity and Amyloid-β Generation. Kim Y, Kim C, Jang HY, Mook-Jung I. J Alzheimers Dis. 2016 Feb 20;51(4):1057-68. Link