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[200117 저널발표] Microglial microRNAs mediate sex-specific responses to tau pathology

김동규 │ 2020-01-16



Microglial microRNAs Mediate Sex-Specific Responses to Tau Pathology

  • PMID: 31873194
  • DOI: 10.1038/s41593-019-0560-7
  • Abstract

    Sex is a key modifier of neurological disease outcomes. Microglia are implicated in neurological diseases and modulated by microRNAs, but it is unknown whether microglial microRNAs have sex-specific influences on disease. We show in mice that microglial microRNA expression differs in males and females and that loss of microRNAs leads to sex-specific changes in the microglial transcriptome and tau pathology. These findings suggest that microglial microRNAs influence tau pathogenesis in a sex-specific manner.

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